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avrilsbackbone's Journal

she's kinda like lemonade.
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welcome to the non-punk avril lavigne community

this is an avril lavigne community. but a very different kind of community...

i, (strawberrylips), love avril lavinge & everything she stands for. one thing i don't believe she stands for is "punk" or "punk rock". i love & appreciate all my fellow avril fans but i can't stand it when she i refered to as "punk". her music is not punk, although, sme people may say her style is punk...i's really not. maybe it goes along with everyone blink 182 version of punk rock these days...but i refuse to veiw her as that. she is much more than some pretty "punk" girl. she is a refreshing, real, talented young girl. & that is exactly what she should be veiwed as. & nothing else despite what she looks like.

so if you share my veiws & love avril for her music & couldn't give a fuck what she dresses like. pease join.


(this community is in NO WAY associated with avrils offical fan club "backbone" the name was just taken from it)